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Carolyn Hance

Carolyn Hance, 1 day ago

Wilcox-Hildreth placed 4th at the FKC Play Production competition. There were 12 teams competing. I’m looking forward to the district competition on Monday!

Carolyn Hance

Carolyn Hance, 1 day ago

We're still anxiously waiting for results from yesterday's FKC Play Production competition. I'll post here as soon as I know!

Kaylie Soneson

Kaylie Soneson, 2 days ago

We had fun trying to help Tom Turkey convince people to eat hotdogs over turkey for Thanksgiving. We disguised him as a pigeon so he is able to hide from all you hungry people! Have a Happy Thanksgiving 🧡

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Justin Patterson

Justin Patterson, 3 days ago

Falcon Nation: Here is the link to our @Striv Channel for the FKC One Act Performance this morning. This link will also work for the JH Wrestling Quad this afternoon. Go Falcons!

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