Adalyn is such a good listener and does her very best in class!

- Mrs. Gibb


Lafe is such a positive and kind student! I appreciate how he always greets others with a smile and is always so friendly!

- Mrs. Mach


Aubree is a go getter! She is always prepared, on time, and willing to lend a helping hand.

- Mrs. Arehart


Isabelle lost her place in line to help a younger student pick up her belongings that fell out of her backpack. Izzy placed everything inside, zipped it up for the little girl and hustled her along to get on the bus. She showed what it means to be part of the Falcon Family.

- Mrs. Sheen


Chloe is taking the time out of her day to design and create the girls and boys basketball flyers for our live feed. She is not only talented but is spreading school spirit as well!

- Mrs. Mach


Scarlet is a great direction follower, friend, and artist!

- Mrs. Brandt


Taylor is a kind, fun-loving, and helpful student. She is always up for a challenge and has been known to learn new music by ear (without any written notes).

- Mrs. Arehart

Stella in the spotlight

Stella works very hard to follow all directions in class! She is very respectful and responsible every day!

- Mrs. Brandt


Brooke is very dependable and will help out in all situations without being asked!

- Mrs. Gibb


Reese always volunteers to help out, even when she doesn't know what the task is going to be. She is a very caring young lady!

- Ms. Sheen


Dayne doesn't think twice about helping someone out; no matter the situation, he stops what he is doing to help anyone in need.

- Ms. Sheen


Payton shows her classmates kindness and love by sharing selflessly. She is a great friend!

- Ms. Sheen


Harrison is very helpful with the preschoolers on the shuttle bus every day.

- Mrs. Carey


Allegra does a great job of showing that she is a responsible student and is attentive to her academics even while being involved with extracurriculars.

- Miss Lubke


Abigail is a natural problem solver, she is always willing to help out her classmates and help when problems need to be solved.

- Mrs. Gibb


Dexter is very helpful with the preschoolers on the shuttle bus every day.

- Mrs. Carey


Raelyn is very helpful with the preschoolers on the shuttle bus every day.

- Mrs. Carey


Seth is so kind and helps his friends when they are sad.

- Mrs. Gibb


Maddie is a very kind and respectful person. She works very hard during class.

- Mrs. Hansen


Rylin is a caring friend and brightens others' days with her compliments.

- Mrs. Gibb