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Hana Mach

Hana Mach, about 1 hour ago

7-12 students and parents, check out the counselors’ webpage! A lot of colleges are offering virtual college visits. Even though you can’t see your college in person, it might help you to start creating a list of colleges you may want to visit in the future! There are links provided on the website to start your tours!

Kelly Simmons

Kelly Simmons, about 2 hours ago

Counselor challenge- Mrs. Mach and I are continuing our weekly challenges to keep our Falcons going strong. This week is all about reaching out to people. During this time of year we are used to seeing our loved ones, but with social distancing to help keep everyone safe and healthy, our connections between others can get lost. This week I challenge Mrs. Mach and our Falcons to write a handwritten note to someone and drop it in the mail. @whfalcons or #falconnation! Stay Connected!!

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Hana Mach

Hana Mach, about 2 hours ago

It was so fun to zoom with the 8th grade class! They are quite the class... we saw several dogs, a cat, and even a baby chick! One student was even in a tractor, and we celebrated a birthday! Stay strong, 8th grade and thanks for zooming!

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District, 1 day ago

We have some more fun enrichment activities for families this week! These will also be posted in the news section of the app & website. It has been so fun seeing everyone's results.

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