1st Quarter Honor Roll

Principal’s All A Honor Roll: Students qualify by earning all A’s in every subject area

12th Grade:   Evan Blank,   Magnolia Springer

11th Grade:   Logan Knaus

10th Grade:  Emma Donley,  Abby Tarr

8th Grade:  Cara Bunger,  Katelyn Bunger,  Madison Bunger

7th Grade:  Marissa Anderson,  Aubree Overholser

All A Honor Roll: Students qualify by earning an “A” (93) average or above in all subjects and no grade is lower than an (86)

12th Grade:  Jayden Bauer,  Alexi Henery, Abby Klein, Brooke Quadhamer

11th Grade: Izick Portillo, McKinley Ritner

10th Grade: Nathan Braddy, Sarah Jensen, Claire Ortgiesen

9th Grade: Sam Gruwell, MaKayla Johnson, Keya Knaus, Addison Overholser, Georgia Ramsey

8th Grade: Spencer Jezbera, Micah Johnson, Gavin Patterson

7th Grade: Brooke Casper, Thomas Donley, Cheyenne Lieb, Brody Patterson, Brandon Wagner

B Honor Roll: B Honor Roll: Students qualify be earning a "B" average in all subject areas and no grade lower than an (86).

 7th Grade: Cody Schriner, Brett Woollen, Kaden Woollen