8th Grade FCS Members in Bucket Hats

Half of the 8th grade class is currently enrolled in Introduction to FCS.  This 9 week course is designed to give them the opportunity to explore the basics of Family and Consumer Science, which could include sewing, foods, child care, housing, and personal finance.

These students recently completed the sewing portion of the class with a new project that Mrs. Lambert had never had students attempt before.  Each student learned basic sewing skills by constructing a bucket hat.  Some students had a bit of previous experience, and some had none.  In addition to learning to use a sewing machine, they learned general construction skills such as using a pattern, cutting, stitching, finishing seams, and top stitching.  As you can see in the picture, each of these students was able to create a unique, attractive, and functional hat.  We hope they will enjoy wearing their creations.