Wilcox-Hildreth has a phenomenal team and WHEA would like to help highlight the moments our team members shine the brightest. 

Introducing FORKFalcons Observed Radiating Kindness! 

Nominations are submitted by staff members.  Each week, a nominated staff member will be selected, presented with the honorary fork, and recognized district-wide.  The staff member will be able to keep the fork for the week as an interesting conversation piece to help them share their wisdom with others or maybe just as tasteful decor. 

Our thirteenth recipient is Michelle Konert!

Always smiling and so helpful! Michelle works so hard to ensure teachers have subs when needed. We would not be able to operate without her.

Congratulations Michelle!!

Our twelfth recipient is Deb Johnson!

Miss Johnson has spread kindness in our school for years whether making work room coffee every morning, numerous Staff "King Cakes" over the years, pans and pans of brownies and snacks for student athletes with notes of encouragement and praise, and that daily warm smile she displays to all. She is here late and back again early, having volunteered to be E-Sports Sponsor and having led FCA for years. She always thinks of others before herself lending a hand wherever she sees a need. She is a wonderful role model for students and staff alike. (Nominated by Carla Wilson)

Congratulations Deb!!

Our eleventh recipient is Shannon Lovin!

Mr. Shannon Lovin is such a great model for our school. He gives so much of his time to the school and genuinely cares about the students & staff. Thank you, Mr. Lovin, for all that you do for our school because it is deeply appreciated! (Nominated by Nurita Lambert)

Congratulations Mr. Lovin!!

Our tenth recipient is Katie Hohensee!

We seldom see Mrs. Hohensee without a smile on her face. Kindergarten is a very active and demanding teaching job, and Mrs. Hohensee does a great job of adjusting to changes as they occur. She is patient with and full of praise for her students as they grow and learn in her classroom. We are fortunate to have such a caring teacher guiding some of our youngest students! (Nominated by Jean Bunger)

Congratulations Katie!

Our ninth recipient is Robert Bennetts!

Robert is always willing to help, no matter the situation. He is an awesome addition to the school and we are lucky to have him around. Whether it's a big problem or small problem, he's on it. He even does it with a smile. He wears many hats such as custodian, bus driver, and Mr. Fix-It of everything. Thank you, Robert, for everything you do!

Congratulations Robert!

Our eighth recipient is Hana Mach!

Mrs. Mach is a key member to our school district in so many different ways. It's hard to know where to start. From always having an open door and an open heart for helping students, former students and fellow co-workers to taking on the daily duties as a school counselor, she always radiates kindness with a smile and positive attitude.

Congratulations Hana!

Our seventh recipient is Carla Wilson!

Carla is always willing to help others without hesitation. Her goal is to make sure the students and staff have a safe and clean environment to learn and work in and often goes above and beyond when doing so. She is always friendly and does her job with a smile. (Nominated by Melissa Myers)

Congratulations Carla!

Our sixth recipient is Bridgette Melroy!

Bridgette came to check on me after a long day! She makes me laugh and keeps others around her in a good mood with her humor and jokes!

Congratulations Bridgette!

Our fifth recipient is Jean Bunger!

No matter what Jean is doing, she will always stop and help a student or staff member with computer or phone problems. She is a great asset to the Falcon Team!! (Nominated by Julie Rahmann)

Congratulations Jean!

Our fourth recipient is Nurita Lambert!

Nurita puts in long hours, sometimes well before or after school ends, making Valentine Cookies every year. This is something students, staff, and the community look forward to each year. We appreciate the continuation of such a special tradition!! (Nominated by Jordan Glenn)

Congratulations Nurita!

Our third recipient is Julie Ehlers!

Mrs. Ehlers makes sure everyone feels appreciated! She listens closely and offers caring advice whenever someone needs it. She goes out of her way to help the students and teachers she works with and expects nothing in return. Mrs. Ehlers is adored by all of the students! She is a true Falcon at heart!! (Nominated by Kelly Sheen)

Congratulations Julie!

Our second recipient is Tiana Gibb!

Tiana is always in a positive and happy mood! She not only gives her all to her students, but also is willing to help with any educational task needed in the district! She is a rockstar and represents education in such a perfect way! (Nominated by Lynsdey Rossen)

Congratulations Tiana!

Our first recipient is Julie Rahmann!

Julie greets everyone with a smile no matter if she is answering the phone, greeting guests, or helping someone who has an injury or doesn't feel well. She wears many different hats each day, and takes care of everyone in a very sincere and caring manner. (Nominated anonymously)

Congratulations Julie!